Hello, it is so great to have you here!

Unfortunately, we have not yet translated the whole webpage to English, but you can find some basic information here.
Every Sunday at 11 am we have church service in Kanalveien 90. The service lasts about 1,5 hours and everybody is welcome in the café afterwards. We try to provide English translation (head set) on our Sunday services. If you want translation, please contact one of the greeters when you arrive. You are very welcome to join us whenever you please.

If you would like to join a small group or know more about our church, don’t hesitate to contact:

Children pastor (0-12) Rita Lunde - 922 12 787, rita@kristkirken.no

Youth pastor (12-19) Marius Frantzen - 411 60 535, marius@kristkirken.no

Young adults (19-30) Jan-David Antonsen - 459 14 063, jandavid93@gmail.com

Pastor Thomas Dalsbø - 482 48 917, thomas@kristkirken.no

Senior pastor Håvard Berger - 909 12 722, havard@kristkirken.no