This song was captured during an evening concert at Kristkirken in Bergen, Norway on Sunday, March 9, 2008. We arrived into Norway the Saturday beforehand so that we could setup and be ready to minister on Sunday morning for their regular Sunday morning service.

From the first note we played on Sunday morning, I had this overwhelming sense of gratitude to be in Europe and in Norway with the group of Christ followers at Kristkirken. The hunger for God that the people of Kristkirken had that morning drew something fresh out of Jason and all of the KOD team. It seemed as though we could play less and it meant more simply because of the worship these folks had already cultivated in their community prior to us being there.

The Sunday evening concert was just an extension (and then some) of the morning worship service. That entire night could probably be it's own CD. Much like other places where we have captured special moments on recording, I was changed by the people, the community and the experience I had while in Norway (and Denmark - we traveled to both places on that particular trip). To quote Henri Nouwen: "Christian community is a community of people who remind each other who they truly are - the beloved of God.