The past five months have been so demanding that I have not been able to free myself to correspond and I want thank Haim and Shoshana Mann for all of their help in the realm of communicating and corresponding.

I would like to share that five months ago my family moved into our new home. This move took place only a week prior to my departure for an overseas speaking session. The week was consumed with packing, moving, unpacking and organizing. The day that I was to get on a plane, I was still drilling holes in the walls. I thank Yeshua for the strength that He gave me to accomplish what may have seemed as impossible.

I spent three weeks in the US and Canada, meeting with people in Tennessee, Montana, Washington and Vancouver. These were not easy times and fatigue started creeping into my being. Despite my diminishing strength, God performed miracles and we experienced supernatural breakthroughs.

Upon my return to Israel, I was faced with the ongoing preparations for the new building in Acco. My energies were being sapped as I was working with architects as well as contractors. I was also faced with the challenges of building and rebuilding the real building which is the people of the congregation. It was during this time that the bombing took place in the Ortiz’s family home. This led to the publication of an article in local papers on the eve of the Passover Feast, warning all of the ones attending local synagogues, to stay away from the man Guy Cohen. I was accused of converting Jews into Christians and of building a facility which would lead young ones to doom.

Initially, I must admit, I was overtaken by fear. My nights were spent agonizing over possibilities and I even considered getting into the car and simply leaving it all. God was once again faithful and He renewed my trust in Him. Tali and I realized that in Him we have the power to go on.

The writings did not cease and this led to pressure on our workers in the new building. As a result of the tremendous pressure from the Jewish religious leaders, who felt like work was being done on a missionary site; the workers left the work-site unfinished.

No sooner, the mayor himself, who up until this time had been cooperative and supportive, released a statement saying that all activities with me and with Tents of Mercy were to be stopped. I set up a meeting with the mayor and with Eitan Shishkoff immediately. The results appeared to be positive. We clarified that we are in no way missionaries, but that we were Messianic Jews who believe in Yeshua. We explained that our way of life was to be an example and a light to Israel, to pour God’s love out on Acco, by praying as well as by practical projects that assist the needy.

The man who was responsible for the writings against me was someone whom I had known when I grew up as a member of the religious community of Acco. I turned to him and pleaded with him to stop what he was doing. He responded when I spoke face to face with him, but his actions did not change.

We set out to find new workers who would finish the construction work on the new facility for our congregation. We had already set a dedication date and wanted to meet that deadline. On the second of May, we were able to receive the congregation as well as guests from around the world and dedicate our new facility to God. During this time of persecution, threats and turmoil, we had ones who stood by us faithfully.

Over the past month, on numerous occasions, religious Jews have stood outside of our new facility and cursed us. They have attempted to enter the building but we thank God for His angles who continue to guard us. My heart goes out to the ones who persecute us since I can recall myself being one of them, zealous for God and with a strong love for this land. I recall Yeshua revealing himself to me and question, “Why only me? Reveal yourself to my brothers too!”

God, by his tremendous love, and with the love of dear brothers and sisters, has provided us with a Torah scroll. Hallelujah. This allows us to worship in the ways of our fathers since we are Messianic Jews who believe in Yeshua.

Our financial needs remain great ones. The contractor who did the work on the facility is owed $100,000 for his work. I had asked him to discontinue his work since we did not have the funds, yet he insisted on finishing. It is very hard for me to be indebted to a man. This removed the peace from my heart.

We face the need for a vehicle for me to use. My vision is for the whole area of the tribe of Asher and not only the city of Acco. Members of our congregation are scattered around this area and I need a vehicle to serve them. Our do have other financial needs ahead of us.

I want to thank each and every one of you who has continued to support us and intercede on our behalf. Thank you to all of you who were able to be with us for our dedication meeting. We see you as true partners.

I whole heartedly believe that all Israel will be saved! This is our central goal. We long to see the land of Israel surrender to the King of Kings.

Please continue to pray for me and for Tali, for strength and health and for breakthroughs.

Guy and Tali