So many amazing things happened! MANY visible signs and wonders took
place. The blind received their sight, somewhere between 20 and 30 deaf
people heard, a mute person talked for the first time ever and she
walked away with hands lifted to the Lord, declaring "Jesus Christos"
over and over again!! Wow! Somewhere between 700 and 800 people were
miraculously healed over the 6 days we were in

Mexico , and many gave
their lives to the Lord. In fact, one man came to the healing tents,
but had nothing wrong with him; he had just never had anyone pray for
him, and wanted to experience what so many people were going away
leaping and dancing and praising God about! So he ended up giving his
life to Jesus right there. If they didn't have Christ in their heart,
they wanted Him. It was never a pressure- always a choice. Before I
share some cool testimonies though, I just want to say that one of the
most amazing things about this trip was that there was transformation
in our translators. Each one of them (there were about 8) got
completely fired up and activated in stepping out in miracles,
prophesying, and leading people to the Lord. Our entire trip was about
activating the Mexicans. It wasn't an "American" show, it was a
partnership between the Americans and Mexicans. This is truly what it's
about: one body!

One lady I prayed for had cysts on her breasts. She felt them actually
dissolve and was completely healed!! Halleluiah!

A lady was diagnosed by doctors as having a brain tumor. We couldn't
see it, but the symptom was a severe headache/migraine. With one
command for the tumor to leave, she was healed!

A man came up with back pain due to flat feet. We prayed for his feet,
and when he took off his shoes, he had PERFECT arches! Immediately the
back pain was gone! Yay God! And about 3 other people also received
arches in their feet. One of the guys on our team prayed for someone
with this condition, and he actually felt the person's feet mould in
his hands as the arches formed! Wow!

There was one lady that I prayed for who found herself in the hospital
every 8 days for the past 8-9 months due to severe stomach and gall
bladder pain! She was a born again Christian, but she had been so
depressed she wanted to die. My partner and I prayed and she wept as
she got COMPLETELY healed, felt chills in her body as the Holy Spirit
moved, and actually felt something pull on her ear as she got set
completely free! She ended up bringing a lady to me afterwards who had
been barren. She began to weep as she tangibly felt chills move through
her womb and knew her womb was being opened... she wasn't even a
Christian, but she said all this! That was when she gave her life to
Jesus Christ and went away full of joy!

Oh- this is a cool one... Sunday night at church, a lady who was in her
80's showed up- she was Catholic and had never been to "La Fuente" (the
church we were were working with) and just ended up at this church that
particular night. One of the girl called out a word of knowledge that
someone had broken their neck as a result of falling out of a tree...
it was this lady that stood up, and she came up to the front to testify
what happened as the word was being called out- no joke- she bent down
in her dress, stretched in all sorts of unladylike ways to prove her
healing... ALL the pain in her body was gone and she was flexible as a
little child! AMAZING! JESUS!

There are so many more things to share, but those are a few memorable
ones. The entire trip was amazing, and I saw people get healed and
saved from before the "mission" actually began- in airports, at the
money exchange, etc... As well, people were stunned and rejoiced as I
would speak out things about their lives that only the Lord could know
about them. God just loves people!! He truly truly cherishes every
single person and just wants us to know His love and also know who He's
created us to be! He wants us to know the good things about ourselves,
as opposed to the negative lies we so often believe. We're created to
shine! We're made beautifully, intricately, and absolutely wonderously.
It's time we walk as royalty! We're sons and daughters of the King!!

Alright, well, I hope you've read this entire email because there's so
many amazing testimonies in here... we seriously NEED to talk about and
think on the amazing things God's done. It keeps our trust and
confidence in him as we dwell on His faithfulness. It was because the
Israelites forgot what God had done that they became negative and
wandered around in the wilderness for 40 years! SO think on the amazing
things God has done and is doing!

BE BLESSED ABUNDANTLY! And go and heal the sick! Matt 10:8- "Heal the
sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you
received, freely give!" That's a command! Wherever you are, do the
stuff Jesus did!

Listen to this- yesterday I went to Walmart with a few friends and
before we went the Lord told me someone's right foot was going to get
healed. When we were in the store, one of the guys saw a brace on a
lady's right leg and she was in a wheelchair. I asked if the pain was
in her right foot; sure enough. I took authority over the pain, and she
felt tingling, and then got up and walked without ANY pain! She cried
as she was healed. This is the cool part though- she told me that just
that night she had a dream this would happen! WOW! See! God's just
waiting for us to step out!! He meets us where we're at. And the only
way we see amazing things happen is by stepping out. We get more faith
as we step out... The more we pray for people, the more we will see
happen. Let's do it!